Android software

The following application for the Android platform are available on the Android Market:

3D Level

A simple but extremely useful level tool. Graphically shows the inclination of the Android device in 3D. Features two tube levels and a sphere level. Optional grid with 15 degrees spacing provides for precise measurement. Supports five different color themes.


The program is free and the source code can be downloaded as a zip file.

User comments

  Tom:   Perfect  
  MopOnTop:   Smoother than Bubble! Bye bye bubble  
  Juan:   [...] cooler than a normal level  
  Matthew:   Awesome Level [...] Works Perfectly  
  Aaron:   [...] looking better than any other app in the market  
  elzacho:   I was starting to think my accelerometer was malfunctioning. This showed me that it is other peoples shotty apps.  
  Jhan:   [...] such a cool app.  
  Child of God:   Great for perfectionists [...]